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Altercare Card - Blank Banner - CMS 5-Star Provider Banner - CMS 5-Star Quality Measures Provider
Altercare Card - BlankBanner - CMS 5-Star ProviderBanner - CMS 5-Star Quality Measures Provider

Blank Note Card with Altercare logo in full color with white envelopes. Min QTY 250

Full Color, 8'w x 4'h Vinyl Banner featuring wind slits and grommets. Foundational hardware not included.Full Color, 8'w x 4'h Vinyl Banner featuring wind slits and grommets. Foundational hardware not included.




Care Conference Card Care Connection Card Code of Cooperation
Care Conference CardCare Connection CardCode of Cooperation
Care Conference Card. Full color front. Black ink back. Full bleed. 100# Bright White Cover. 4.25" x 5.5". Min Order QTY 25+.Full Color 4x9, two sided, Care Connection New Welcome Experience Process card featuring Admission Coordinators contact phone numbers. Order 25+

8.5x11 One-sided, Full color. Min qty order 25+




Compliments Of - Stickers Facility Award Card - Proof Needed Facility Floor Plan (Facility Specific)
Compliments Of - StickersFacility Award Card - Proof NeededFacility Floor Plan (Facility Specific)

Oval Blue Sticker/Label. Facility Specific.  Minumum QTY 1 pack. = 50 stickers.


Full Color 8.5x5.5 Postcard, Facility Specific. Order in QT 25+

Facility floor plan (Facility Specific)




Facility Profile (Facility Specific) - Proof Needed Facility Profile Rack Card - PROOF NEEDED Long-Term Care & Memory Care- Flyer
Facility Profile (Facility Specific) - Proof NeededFacility Profile Rack Card - PROOF NEEDEDLong-Term Care & Memory Care- Flyer

8.5x11 2 sided Full color ~ QT.25

Full Color 4x9, two sided, Facility rack card. Features facility selling features and safety measures with a spotlight on focus a service line (Long-term care, Skilled Nursing etc.) Order 25+

8.5x11, full color, two-sided flyer. Features Long Term Care and Memory Care information. QTY 25+